Wheels AWP

Replace wheel of your aerial platform, also called an AWP? Or is your scissorlift in need of new wheels? Wheels from a AWP, scissorlift or telescopic boom lifts are aerial work platform parts that are subject to wear and tear. For the sake of safety and stability it is important to change the wheels of the elevating work platform, scissor lift regularly. OrangeParts supplies wheels for AWPs, scissor lifts and telescopic boom lifts in up to 22 inch for JLG, GENIE, Haulotte, SkyJack, Snorkel Delta-Q and Upright vehicles. 

Our AWP wheels are recommende and suitable for:

  • JLG aerial work platforms
  • JLG scissor lifts
  • JLG telescopic boom lifts
  • Genie aerial work platforms
  • Genie scissor lifts
  • Genie telescopic boom lifts
  • Haulotte aerial work platforms
  • Haulotte scissor lifts
  • Haulotte telescopic boom lifts
  • Skyjack aerial work platforms
  • Skyjack scissor lifts
  • Skyjack telescopic boom lifts
  • Snorkel aerial work platforms
  • Snorkel scissor lifts
  • Snorkel telescopic boom lifts
  • Delta Q aerial work platforms
  • Delta Q scissor lifts
  • Delta Q telescopic boom lifts
  • Upright aerial work platforms
  • Upright scissor lifts
  • Upright telescopic boom lifts






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