ATIB Attachments

OrangeParts supplies A.T.I.B. attachments for your forklift truck. We carry over 100.00 parts for fork-lift trucks in stock. Below you can find more information on this brand.


A.T.I.B. is founded in 1972 (Italy) to solve internal logistic questions by developing, designing and manufacturing fork-lift truck additional parts. Until 1980, A.T.I.B. focusses mainly on the national market. In that year A.T.I.B. grows to the national market leader. The introduction of the “side shifter” in 1986 with a broad range of vision for the fork-lift truck driver is a revolution in the fork-lift truck market. To offer a larger range of products to the market, A.T.I.B. creates a new branch: A.T.I.B. Electronica. This company will focus on the development and production of electronics, such as battery chargers.


From 1990 the company travels abroad to generate a larger profit. Less than 2 years later the first office abroad in France is founded. Between 1997 and 2005 A.T.I.B. knows steady international growth thanks to a strong network in Europe and in the rest of the world. The success is determined in part by an exclusive (distribution)contract that A.T.I.B. offers her partners.


As one of het market leaders for added-on products the company is an important OEM-supplier for several large brands. Next to this, A.T.I.B. has a large international network of commercial partners. The success and the good image of the brand A.T.I.B. also has a disadvantage. The company is forced to register the brand internationally in 2008. This has to be done to prevent the production and sale of unofficial A.T.I.B. products.


Over the years A.T.I.B. has developed a large range of added-on equipement made by the most modern techniques and materials. The company is known for their ‘side shifts’, fork positioners, multi pallet handler, rotators, clamps and other products. A.T.I.B. is a manufacturer of additional equipment that has become a household name in the market that creates new innovative solutions that enrich the market for fork-lift trucks.

A.T.I.B. forklift attachments are supllied by OrangeParfts. You can order these parts directly. If you are looking for a specific forklift part or a specific accessory, and you do not find these directly in our webshop, please contact our helpdesk.