Atlet Forklift Parts

Atlet’s history starts in 1958 when Knut Jacobsson started building forklift trucks and forklift parts from his home in Gothenburg. Initially the company was called Elitmaskiner (Elite machines) and was solely manufacturing hand-pallet trucks for indoor use. In the early years the market was controlled by walk-along stackers and reach-trucks. Knut Jacobsson invented the standing-stacker. It had a comparable lifting capacity as the reach-truck but was also able to be used in small alleyways thanks to the copyrighted side-stabilizers. The forklift trucks are manufactured near the corporate headquarters in the Swedish town of Gothenburg.

International growth

Knut Jacobsson quickly recognized the opportunities that other markets offered. He started to export to Norway in 1962, and two years later to the Netherlands. Thanks to this growth abroad, Atlet opened its first daughter-office in Great-Britain in 1969. In 1976 a second daughter-office was opened in Germany, and presently Atlet has daughter-offices in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. Half a century later the small manufacturer of forklift trucks has grown into an expert in the world of transportation within a company. The company is respected internationally and has representatives in 45 countries. Atlet is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and is an expert in the field of transportation within companies.


In 2007 Atlet AB was acquired by Nissan Forklift, a daughter-company of Nissan Motor Company. In 2012 UniCarriers acquired Nissan Forklift including Atlet and Atlet BV became part of the UniCarriers Group.

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