BT Forklift Parts

BT is originally a manufacturer of forklift trucks and forklift parts based in Sweden and was the largest manufacturer of warehouse-trucks. BT was founded in 1946 in the town of Mjobly (Sweden) as a retailer for tools such as pallet trucks for the building industry and the transport industry. In collaboration with the Swedish railroads, BT is responsible for the development of the current Euro-pallet. This was the brandname that established the name of BT in the world of transportation. After the success of the Euro-pallet, BT become active as a manufacturer of forklift trucks.

International growth

During the 60s, 70s and 80s, BT grew into an international player in the market of forklift trucks. With offices in Europe and North America TB saw its profit rise year by year. Several take overs in Canada and the United States led to a bigger market share.


In 2000 BT was acquired by Toyota Industries Corporation. Together BT and Toyota were responsible for 20% of the market for industrial trucks. Until today, Toyota still carries the name BT for different kinds of products, such as: hand pallet trucks, forklift trucks, stackers, reach truck, etc. By acquiring BT, Toyota became the largest supplier of forklift trucks in the world.

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