Jungheinrich Forklift Parts

Jungheinrich is one of the largest global suppliers of forklift trucks, pallet trucks, stackers, reach-trucks, storage racks and internal logistics. Jungheinrich was founded from H. Jungheinrich and Co. Maschinenfabrik which was founded in 1953. The new company excels during the so called german ‘Wirtschaftswunder’, the years after the war during the rebuilding of Germany. Soon the profits made from exports will become the largest form of income. This proved to be the foundation for Jungheinrich to become a global player in the market.


At the end of the 90s Jungheinrich is responsible for several domestic- and foreign acquisitions.

Factory in China

In the years after the millennium Jungheinrich keeps opening offices all over he world, such as Brasil, China, Finland, Singapore and Turkey. Jungheinrich opens a factory just for parts in China in 2013.

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