Komatsu forklift parts

Komatsu is a manufacturer of building machines that was founded in 1921 in Komatsu, Japan. The company has a rich history. In 1953 Komatsu started the production of forklift trucks for the Japanese market. Two years later the first forklift trucks were exported to Argentina. In 1964 Komatsu makes the step to India and Australia. During the years Komatsu has grown into an important player in the international market.

Komatsu in Europe

Komatsu has production facilities all over the world. Since 1967 Komatsu has been active in Europe (Belgium). The machines for the European Market are manufactured in England, Germany and Italy.

Economic hardship and joint-ventures

At the end of the 70s Komatsu had to deal with several economical hardships. Largely because of the economical crisis in 2000, a joint venture was started with the German Linde AG for the production and marketing of forklift trucks and related products. Despite the financial hardship, which was extremely tough for Komatsu, the company is still a well known name in the market for forklift trucks today.

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