Manitou forklift parts

Manitou is the brandname of the family company that was founded in 1953 by Braud et Faucheux (Ancenis, Frankrijk). In 1958 the company was the first to bring a rough terrain-forklift truck onto the market. In 1981 Manitou was the first company to introduce a telescopic forklift truck. As a manufacturer of forklift trucks Manitou is known for its specialized products such as: telescopic loaders, far-loaders, and all-terrain forklift trucks. Manitou has grown into a market leader for each of these products.

International growth

After several years of success in France, Manitou found it time in 1970 to continue its success abroad. Not soon after, in 1972 Manitou crossed the canal to Great Britain. This became the first daughter company of Manitou. In the years following Manitou expanded to more countries. In 2005 offices in Australia and china were opened.

Collaboration with Toyota, acquisitions

In 1972 Toyota and Manitou start a collaboration that allows Manitou to take control of the distribution of industrial forklifts trucks made by Toyota in France. The relationship was strengthened in 1995 when both parties entered into a join venture. The joint venture however, was ended in 2012, which allowed both parties to sail their own commercial routes. During the collaborative years with Toyota, Manitou has not been sitting quietly and has acquired several companies and engaged into several collaborative ventures. In 2004 Gehl and Manitou entered a collaborative venture, after which Manitou acquired Gehl in 2011. In 2012 a strategic alliance was entered with Yanmar to be able to sell products under that name.

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