Mitsubishi forklift parts

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is founded in 1914 as a manufacturer of trade-ships and industrial machines. In 1934 Mitsubishi is the largest private corporation in Japan, active in the production of ships, large machines, airplanes and train trucks.


Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe B.V. or abbreviated: MCFE is founded in 1992. In that year Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD and Caterpillar Inc. decided to start a joint venture. The E in MCFE stands for Europe. The joint venture MCFE has sister-companies (collaborations between two companies) that are active in other continents.


In 2013 Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co. Ltdis established through a merger of Nippon Yusoki Co Ltd. and the Forklift Trucks section of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Nichiyu is founded in 1937 and two years later the company developed and introduced the first electric forklift in Japan. The Japanese company targeted mainly its domestic market throughout its history.


MCFE produces and sells means of transport to customers in Europe. With means for transportation for storage we mean: forklift trucks, reachtrucks, pallet trucks, trolleys, etc. The means of transportation for storages are imported through sister-organisations or manufactured by the company itself. MCFE does not only sell means of transportation for storages but also manufactures forklift trucks themselves. Within MCFE there are two different production departments that build forklifts in collaboration.

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