Scale forks

Instantly want to learn the weight of your freight you are lifting with a forklift truck? OrangeParts now offers a completely wireless weighing system for forklifts. A time-saving forklift attachment! The weighing results are being transferred through Bluetooth onto the display directly. Did you know the iForks come wireless? No more hassle with cable reels and power cords between the forks. Each iFORK is equipped with its own integrated battery moduleAs for the Bluetooth device and the calibration board, both devices have been integrated into the forks to avoid any risk of being damaged. This reduces the downtime of the iForks to a minimum. The Bluetooth transmitter is mounted onto the vertical part of the fork.


A display, which shows the weighing results to the forklift operator instantly, is to be installed in the cabin of the forklift truck. Both iFORKS come with their own Bluetooth transmitter device and calibration board and communicate independently with the display. A indicator with blue LED’s is mounted onto the vertical part of the iFORKS to show the status of the Bluetooth connection.


Plug & Weigh

Because the weighing system with Bluetooth is integrated into the fork itself, installing is very easy and done within minutes. Want to use the iForks in combination with a fork positioner? Only minor adjustments are to be made and the iFORKS are ready to use in combination with a fork positioner.


Functions iFORKS

  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Automatic tare and manual tare weight entry
  • Totalling with sequence number
  • Data output for printing
  • Power management user menu
  • Internal clock for date and time
  • Error messages in display
  • Auto shut-o function for optimal battery life
  • Overload protection 200%


Standard Specifications iFORKS

  • Capacity 2500 kg, FEM 2A / 5500 lb ITA CLASS 2
  • Graduation 2 kg steps from 0-2500 kg / 0- 5500 lb
  • System tolerance 0.2% of the scale capacity
  • Display LCD, digit height 0.7 inch, adjustable backlight
  • Signal transfer Bluetooth, class 1
  • Controls 4 function keys, on/off key
  • Protection class NEMA 4 / IP65



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