Agri seats

Is your worn tractor seat ready to be replaced? Now it is time to choose for a comfortable agri-seat made by PILOT®.  Buy a Premium PILOT® seat at OrangeParts and you guarantee yourself of having the best price, an ergonomic design, sustainable industrial quality and excellent seating comfort. When visiting the OrangeParts webshop you will also find a seat for a combine harvester, a seat for a hay baler or a seat for a potato-harvester. The seats made by PILOT® are compatible with all popular brands and types of agricultural vehicles. At OrangeParts we also supply other seats for other kind of (industrial) vehicles. 

Buy your new tractor seat and OrangeParts seatsbelts quickly and easily at OrangeParts Webshop. Our sales experts are there to advise you, should you have any questions regarding the purchase a new seat for your agricultural vehicle. They are happy to help you in any way to find the best seat solution that fits your needs.

Premium PILOT® agri-seats available at OrangeParts

  • Mechanical suspension
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable seat (slide)
  • Certified according to applicable ISO and EU standards
  • And more options

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