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About us - online webstore OrangeParts


Who are we?

Orangeparts is a webshop with a large assortment of parts for forklift trucks. We supply forks, tires, battery chargers, handling equipment, safety products and accessories for all parts that are known to suffer from damage for all well known brands of forklift trucks. We only offer parts for forklift trucks of the highest quality. Read more about OrangeParts here or here.


Our strengths

  • Over 100.000 unique parts with over 4.000.000 references
  • We supply the highest quality of parts for forklift truck for all popular brands of forklift trucks at a competitive price.
  • We are famous because of our  extensive technical support.
  • We have friendly and sales specialists that are eager to help.
  • We offer 12 months standard guarantee.
  • We offer various payment options, such as PayPal, pre-payment or CreditCard payment.
  • We are the exclusive dealer in the Netherlands of:

    • Unigom tires for forklift trucks
    • Pramac handling Equipment
    • ATIB battery chargers 



OrangeParts sells the parts for forklift trucks solely online. This means that you can place your order online at OrangeParts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can chose to have some parts delivered but you can also chose to pick up the parts in our storage in Nijmegen.


Contact us

Bijsterhuizen 11-50 (Industrieterrein Bijsterhuizen Noord)
6546 AS Nijmegen

The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)24 3439558




OrangeParts is part of the Van Gent Forklift Parts BV company. The company that is founded in 1967 in Wijchen, Netherlands as Van Gent B.V. would later become known as Van Gent Forklift Parts B.V. Initially Van Gent B.V. focused only on selling forklift replacement parts as well as original parts of the brand Hyster.


1970 - International sales and growth

By 1970 Van Gent B.V. expanded its territory internationally with selling Hyster replacement parts abroad in Germany, Belgium, UK and even the USA. Other European countries would follow later on during the 1970s. With selling their products internationally Van Gent B.V. showed a steady growth during the 1970s. A small downside on the steady growth… the warehouse of 500m2 was not sufficient anymore. In 1985 Van Gent B.V. moved to a 2000m2 warehouse in Wijchen, Netherlands.


1990 - InParts - an engineering factory owned by Van Gent B.V.

In 1990 Van Gent BV founded Inparts B.V as a subsidiary. This subsidiary would focus solely on (re)-engineering and producing Hyster forklift replacement parts for Van Gent B.V. Beside re-engineering Inparts designs products like the AL4000 forklift jack which was introduced in 1990. The infamous AL4000 forklift jack would soon be used by mechanics from Toyota, Nissan and many more forklift brands.


1995 - Supplier of all popular brands of forklift trucks

Van Gent B.V. was still showing a steady growth in sales. By 1995 Van Gent moved to a new and bigger warehouse in Beuningen, Netherlands with twice the capacity (4000m2) compared to the former warehouse. In 1996 the management decided it was time to be a multi-brand wholesaler of forklift replacement parts. Due to changes in the market - the rise of big Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Komatsu who had made a successful entrance into the market for forklift trucks in the mid 1980s- the product/brand line was expanded to include parts for all brands, makes and models forklifts. Besides the popular Japanese brands also German, Korean and even Italian brands became part of the new and expanded product line of Van Gent B.V.


2000 - A larger warehouse and the birth of OrangeParts

Van Gent B.V. continued to successfully expand their business. By 2000 again a bigger warehouse was needed. Van Gent B.V. moved its headquarters to Nijmegen, Netherlands to a 10.000m2 warehouse. A year later in 2001 the brand name OrangeParts was registered. All non-OEM forklift parts supplied by Van Gent forklift Parts would now be sold as an OrangeParts product. OrangeParts would soon gain a reputable brand reputation, due to its excellent quality/price ratio.


2006 - Exclusive dealership ATIB

In 2006 Van Gent B.V. signed a exclusive agreement with ATIB - an Italian manufacturer of forklift attachments and battery chargers. The agreement made Van Gent the exclusive dealer of ATIB-products throughout the BeNeLux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg).


2007 - 40 years in the business and crossing the ocean


Van Gent B.V. celebrates its 40th year anniversary in 2007. Being 40 years in the business the management of Van Gent B.V. decided to make the jump across the big ocean by establishing a subsidiary in the USA (Holland, Michigan). This subsidiary is called Intella Liftparts Inc.

2011 - BlueSpot


In 2011 Van Gent B.V. introduced its own Blue Spot Safety Led with a voltage range of 9-96V. Due to the superior quality and robustness the OrangeParts Blue Spot would become serious competitor for the original Linde Blue Spot, which only has a voltage range of 12-48V.


2012 - New Management

By 2012 the founders of Van Gent Forklift Parts B.V. presented its successor, Dave Lam. With the presentation of Dave Lam, Van Gent Forklift continued to grow and make profit year after year.


2014 - OrangeParts webshop

One of the first major strategic changes by the new management was made in 2014 by introducing a webshop - www.orangeparts.com - which would be serving the end user of forklift parts. In the same year Van Gent Forklift Parts and Pramac signed off on an exclusive dealership for The Netherlands.


2017 - 50th year anniversary of Van Gent

50 Years in the business and introducing a brand new webshop. 


2021 - OrangeParts goes solo

After TVH acquired Van Gent Forklift Parts early 2021, it was decided that OrangeParts would part ways from parent company Van Gent Forklift Parts B.V. and TVH. Not by being a  competitor, but more being an additional online source for forklift parts serving the end users. 



OrangeParts today

OrangeParts goals are to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction even more
  • Gain market share as a online webstore for forklift parts
  • Maintain our high service level
  • Strengthen the reputation of the brand name OrangeParts