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To what locations does OrangeParts ship?

We ship to everywhere in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. If you are located in North-America and South America we would like to refer to our subsidiary Intella Liftparts in the Unites States. 

What are the delivery times of OrangeParts?

Deliveries throughout Europa
Orders up to 70Kg are normally delivered within 1-2 workdays by DHL.
Orders over 70Kg are send on a pallet. A pallet delivery is delivered within 1-3 workdays depending on the location of the shipping address. 


Deliveries to Africa, Asia and Oceania
Delivery times to other parts of the world vary per location of the shipping adress. Please ask one of our sales specialists for an estimated delivery time. 

What are the shipping and handling fees of OrangeParts?

When ordering the correct shipping fees are being displayed for customer within the EU. If you are from outside the EU please contact Customer Service on details regarding handling and shipping fees. 

What is the order of communications after I place an order?

After placing your order, you will receive an email confirming your order. A second email with receipt (PDF) will be send the moment you have paid for your order (payment options). The moment the order has been shipped you will receive an email confirming that we have shipped your order together with the expected date of delivery. In the event that a product is not in stock or in case of other changes, we will of course notify you directly of this.

Who delivers the orders placed at OrangeParts?

We collaborate with trustworthy expedition companies, such as DHL and TNT.

Where can I find my order status? 

Log in to “my account” at OrangeParts. Then click on the tab ’my orders’. You will be shown an overview of all open orders and all orders that have been completed. At each order we specify the order date, the order number, payment status and delivery status.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address than my invoice-address?

Yes, this option is available. You can choose for a different delivery address during the ordering process. The order will then be shipped to this delivery address while the order is paid over the invoice-address.

My order has not been delivered the day after I ordered, what now?

Log in to my account to check the status of the order. In case it is mentioned that the order has been shipped, it has to be delivered within 24 hours. It is possible that we do not have an article readily available from stock. In this case will communicate this with you and will change the order status to keep you informed. When the order status notes that the order has been shipped, then we kindly request you to contact Customer Service after 2 working days.



My account

What are the advantages of an account?

  • You can order quickly and simply at OrangeParts by using your own account.
  • You don’t have to enter your information every time.
  • It gives you a direct insight into your order status and shows the order history in an overview.
  • What information can I find on my account?

The following pages are part of 'my account’:

  • Overview page with all open cases. From here you can view all details
  • Overview page of your order history
  • Page with all your company information

How do I create an account?

Go to 'make account' and fill out all the necessary information and a password. Your account will be created automatically. Within several minutes you will receive an email conformation. You can now log in with your email and password.

How do I change my information?

Within your account you can change the information of your company easily. You have to log into your account to do so. Then click on 'my information’ where you can change the information.

Forgot your log in name?

Under the field where you enter your log in name, you click the link „forgot my log in”. After filling out the correct email address you will receive an email with your correct log in name.

Forgot your password?

Under the field where you fill out your password you can click the link „forgot my password”. A new password is send your email address that allows you to log in again. We advice you to subsequently change the password that was generated automatically into a personal password.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password in ‚my account’ under the tab 'my information’.

What is the policy regarding my account information by OrangeParts?

Your account information is guarded carefully. You information is securely stored and will never be handed to a third party without your consent. Our website is secured against hackers and identity theft.




How do I buy an item in the webshop?

Ordering at OrangeParts is real easy, though it’s required to have an account to order a product in our webshop. Placing an order without account is not possible.  While ordering you will still be able to setup an account without losing the items in de shopping cart. To proceed to checkout, please follow these steps:


Step 1: Item(s) in the shopping cart
After you selected the item(s) you want to buy, click on the  button “add to cart “.  In the shopping cart itself you can choose whether to continue shopping or to proceed to checkout by clicking on the "check out" button
Step 2: Set-up account
If clicked “proceed to checkout”. Please fill out sections 1) Customer 2) Shipping  3) Billing address, 4) ) Secure Payment .  If you have already registered, click to log in with your username and password. This step will be skipped if a user had already logged in during shopping.
Step 3: Option: Ship to an address other than the billing adress
You are finished shopping and clicked “proceed to checkout”?. In this step you will be given the option to fill out a different shipping address. Proceed to the next section on the optimized checkout page by clicking on “next”.
Step 4: Choose method of Payment
In tlast step we ask you to check the shipping and billing address before selecting the preferred method of payment. OrangeParts offers you different methods of payment. You can choose to pay with your PayPal-account. If you would like to pay with Credit Card, please fill out which kind of Credit Card you are using (MasterCard or Visa) and all the relevant information. We will not charge you extra when paying with CreditCard. A pre-payment order by money transfer (Bank transfer) is also an option.
Step 5: Payment
After choosing the preferred method of payment our Payment Service provider Adyen will redirect you to the pay section or a 3D Secure website in case of a credit card payment.



Terms & conditions

What are the Terms & Conditions of OrangeParts?

Our terms & conditions can be read here.

What are cookies?

If you pay a visit to our webshop, a cookie is send to your computer. This does not happen only at OrangeParts, but almost any other website or webshop. These cookies gather information on visitors on our website. With this information we are able to improve our website service continuously.

What use are cookies to OrangeParts?

To us it matters that we recognize you as a new or previous visitor, so we will be able to offer you an even better service. Cookies enable us to do that. With regard to our website it is even necessary to have “cookies enabled” when visiting our website. Otherwise it will not function fully. Some examples of the use of cookies: they enable to save the items in the shopping cart, enable you to stay logged in en learn what products are important to you.

What about my privacy with regard to data collection through cookies?

The most cookies will be deleted from your computer when leaving our website. Other cookies will remain active, e.g. to stay logged in on our website. Any time you want you will be able to disable cookies in your webbrowser. For more information about your privacy we refer you to our privacy policy on this website.

Can I disable and enable cookies?

Yes. In your webbrowser’s settings you can enable or disable cookies. In the most common browser you can click on “help” to learn more about cookies. Should you consider disabling cookies, bear in mind that most websites will not work properly when cookies are disabled.



Payment options

What payment options are supported by OrangeParts?

You can pay by using:


  • Paypal: an easy, fast and reliable option. You order will be paid within one minute. As soon as we receive confirmation from Paypall that your payment have been received you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Creditcard: You can pay with Visa and MasterCard creditcards. A fast way of payment To be sure that you are the one who has actually made this order, we check the credit card information manually. This is to prevent fraud. This unfortunately means we cannot deliver the order within 2 working days. Please take three extra working days into account for delivery when choosing this option. 
  • Ideal, Bancontact, Sofort Überweisung
  • Pin: paying with your bankcard is also possible at OrangeParts at the moment you pick up your order.
  • Bank transfer



Shipping and handling fees

What are the shipping and handling fees?

Please contact Customer Service on details regarding shipping and handling fees. 




In what situations can I return parts?

In case the delivered part is damaged, you can return the product at no extra costs. When the damage occurs at a later point after delivery, it is possible that we charge a fee for the depreciation in value of the product. Please always contact before returning items.
In the event of damage to the packaging and/or an insufficient number of packages, the buyer shall record this on the consignment note at the moment the products are delivered, where it is available. He shall inform the Seller in writing, by fax sent within twelve (12) hours following delivery of the products. Hidden defects must be reported to OrangeParts by you within a period of eight (8) working days after they have been discovered by you or normally should have been discovered, by registered letter or e-mail to OrangeParts, and in any case within a period of three (3) months following the date the products were delivered. As far as products which have been made to size and reconditioned products are concerned, OrangeParts shall furthermore only be responsible for hidden defects which affect the essential components of the products and which oblige you to undertake radical repairs to an extent that you would never have signed the agreement had he known about these hidden defects.

Can I return items that I ordered unopened in the original packaging?

You are free to return unopened packages. You can however not claim the right of return of 14 days when you buy an item online as a entrepreneur. The right to return has been created specifically for consumers only. This right is void when the entrepreneur purchases an item online. If you return the unopened package within three workdays the value of the goods is to be credited back to you by OrangeParts.  OrangeParts will refund a maximum of 80% of the item order value, when the item was returned on behalf of the customer.
Only in these situations the customer will get a full refund of the items returned. That is:
  • If the goods have been damaged during delivery
  • If the delivered item is not the one that has been ordered by the customer
  • If the buying advise from OrangeParts turns out to be incorrect, based on the correct information provided by the customer.


How do I return an item?

In case you wish to return an item, it is essential that you take good care packaging it, to ensure we receive the item in an undamaged condition. We advice you, when possible, to use the original packaging. It is important to include the original invoice that we send you.

To what address do I have to return the items?

Detailed information will be provided by OrangeParts when a customer wants to return a order. 

Who pays the fees for the return shipment? 

In case you have received the item in a damaged condition, or have received the wrong item through a mistake of OrangeParts , OrangeParts will pay the costs for the return shipment. In all other cases the shipment cos ts for returning and resending the item are to be paid by the customer. Please contact our customer service before you return an order.

Will I automatically receive a replacement part when I have received the wrong item? 

A wrong delivery will be exchanged without extra costs, if it is due to a mistake form OrangeParts. The wrong delivery should be returned after contacting customer service ( Customer Service will ensure that you will receive the correct item as fast as possible. Should you be of the opinion that the new products do not conform to the order or have been visibly damaged, your shall submit a written complaint to OrangeParts within 48 hours of delivery of the products. Should OrangeParts not have received a written complaint from the you within the aforementioned time limit, it is presumed that you have accepted the products.

Is changing and canceling an order possible?

Depending on the moment of changing or (partly) canceling an order, it is possible to modify the order. We will not charge an extra fee for this. As soon as the items have been assigned to the transportation department, it is impossible to change or cancel your order. You can contact OrangeParts Customer service at +31 (0)24 3439558 for questions about canceling an order.

How do I cancel my order?

It is not possible to cancel your order by yourself. To cancel or change an order, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. When your order has not yet been assigned to the shipping department we can change your order as you wish. The inability to change or cancel your order is not categorized under a mistaken-order.

The status of my order says ‚being ordered’, what does this mean?

This means that one or several items are not in stock anymore and that these items have been ordered at our suppliers.

What is the policy of OrangeParts when an order has been cancelled?

As soon as you change or (partly) cancel an order, we will send you an email. Someone from our customer service department will contact you, when possible, as soon as possible.



Warranty, repairs and exchanges

What is the term of warranty on parts from OrangeParts?

OrangeParts has a standard term of warranty of 12 months on all items, unless stated otherwise. Depending on the item or the accessory a multi-year term can be applicable.

When does a repair fall under warranty?

When the defect on the item is caused by a manufacturing mistake and the defect is detected within the term of warranty. OrangeParts will then exchange or repair the item. Defects from normal wear and tear do not fall under warranty.



Advice, help, services and contact

Do you have general questions?

Please contact our Customer Service. Telephone +31 (0)24 3439558 , email or by using the chat on our website (link). Our expert employees are available on work days from 8:00 to 17:00 to answer your questions.

Where can I ask technical questions?

For all your technical questions you can call our helpdesk at +31 (0)24 3439558 . Our experts are available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Where can I file a complaint?

We take complaints very seriously. Only with your feedback it is possible to change and improve our services where necessary. Please do not hesitate to file your complaint with our Customer Service. We will solve your problem as soon as possible. Our expert employees are available on work days from 8:00 to 17:00 uur to help you solve your complaint.

How do I give feedback on the service of OrangeParts?

We appreciate your feedback. Negative or positive, we welcome both. Please contact our Customer Service by phone, mail or chat. 

Does OrangeParts have a newsletter?

OrangeParts regularly sends our a newsletter keeping you informed on new products, actions and interesting tips.

What is the goal of the newsletter by OrangeParts?

The goal of the newsletter is to keep you informed on the latest developments, news and actions.

How do I sign up for the newsletter? 

To sign up for the newsletter by OrangeParts, log into ‚my account’. Under the tab ‚preferences’ you can sign up and sign out of the OrangeParts newsletter.

How do I change my preferences for the newsletter?

Log in to the website of OrangeParts. Under the tab preferences you easily sign up and sign out for the newsletter.

What Social media does OrangeParts use?

We are active on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Next to this we have our own youtube-channel with interesting and informative videos. Sign up today to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

Can I contact OrangeParts through social media?
It is possible to ask questions through our Facebook-Page. For urgent questions we advice you to contact our Customer Service directly. Telephone +31 (0)24 3439558, through email or by using the chat on our website .

What is the contact information of OrangeParts?
Bijsterhuizen 11-50 (Industrial area Bijsterhuizen Noord) | 6546 AS Nijmegen | The Netherlands

Telephone +31 (0)24 3439558 |  E-mail adress:

(Availability: monday to friday from 8:00h uur tot 17:00h CET)

Chamber of Commerce number : 81871198 | VAT-number: NL862252040B01 B.V.