Battery filling system

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Looking for a forklift battery filling system for forklifts, because you are tired of checking the battery water levels every time after it is charged? A battery filling system, also known as a battery watering system, serves a as a network of watering tubes which automatically fills the battery cells with distilled water. OrangeParts battery filling systems are designed to use with forklift trucks only. We supply battery filling systems for all popular forklift brands, such as Hyster, Toyota, Linde, Nissan and many more. 

Deploy a forklift battery filling system 

The original vent caps of the battery are replaced by valves of the battery filling systems which are interconnected with hoses to one single water tank. This system allows the battery cells to be filled from the water tank. When a cell reaches the sufficient level of water/electrolyte the valve shuts down independently. This battery watering system makes sure every battery cell is automatically filled with water, saving you a lot of time. Only once in a while the tank has to be refilled. But that's just about it. Buy this time and cost-saver now in our webstore.

OrangePower battery filling systems are made of the highest quality to meet industrial requirements. 

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