Keep out zone

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Beware the forklift! A forklift driving over your toes is in fact a very very very painful experience. That is why we are selling the Keep Out Zone Light for forklifts, also known as “Red Zone Light" or "Red Zone Danger Area Light". Consider it to be a real “toe-safer”, because it helps keeping your precious toes safe from being driven over by a forklift. The bright red beam of light that is being projected on the floor next to the forklift warns every pedestrian visually to keep a safe distance from the forklift-in-operation. The red bar of light on the floor cannot be missed by pedestrians in the near proximity of a forklift.

Keep Out Zone Light helps to prevent accidents in your warehouse

Every year over tens of thousands forklift-related-accidents involve pedestrians being hit or run over by a forklift. By installing the red zone light you will actively contribute to decrease the number of forklift-related-accidents on the workfloor. Therefore increasing forklift safety.  

How does it work?

By projecting a large red beam of light onto the ground the “Keep Out Zone Light” warns the pedestrian of a forklift in the near proximity. The large red bar on the ground next to the forklift is actually referred to as the NO-GO Zone for pedestrians while the forklift is in operation.

Perfect Match

When the Keep Out Zone Light is used in conjunction with the Blue Spot Led Light, which can be mounted on the back and front as well, it will result in maximum awareness of forklift traffic. The BlueSpot Led Light warns pedestrians visually by projecting a bright blue Spot at 3 or 4 metres in front or back of the forklift. By using the Blue Spot Led light pedestrians around the corner or down the aisle are being warned that traffic is coming.

Easy does it- installing the Keep Out Zone

The Keep Out Zone Light is easy to install on the side of the forklift.

Maximum Safety

If you want to step up the safety in your warehouse you might want to consider in using the BlueZone Ultrasonic Warning System as well. Want to learn more about using the BlueZone in your warehouse, you should check out this video? 

Areas of application

The Keep Out Zone can be applied in several industrial areas, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Airports
  • Seaports