Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

If you pay a visit to our webshop, a cookie is send to your computer. This does not happen only at OrangeParts, but almost any other website or webshop. These cookies gather information on visitors on our website. With this information we are able to improve our website service continuously.

What use are cookies to OrangeParts?

To us it matters that we recognize you as a new or previous visitor, so we will be able to offer you an even better service. Cookies enable us to do that. With regard to our website it is even necessary to have “cookies enabled” when visiting our website. Otherwise it will not function fully. Some examples of the use of cookies: they enable to save the items in the shopping cart, enable you to stay logged in en learn what products are important to you.

What about my privacy with regard to data collection through cookies?

The most cookies will be deleted from your computer when leaving our website. Other cookies will remain active, e.g. to stay logged in on our website. Any time you want you will be able to disable cookies in your webbrowser. For more information about your privacy we refer you to our privacy policy on this website.

Can I disable and enable cookies?

Yes. In your webbrowser’s settings you can enable or disable cookies. In the most common browser you can click on “help” to learn more about cookies. Should you consider disabling cookies, bear in mind that most websites will not work properly when cookies are disabled.