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Increase safety on and around  forklift trucks? Extra safety in your warehouse can be accomplished easily. And it should be done as soon as possible, because the facts and figures speak for themselves. Every year 8.000 injuries after a collision with a forklift to be treated in the hospital. Of those 8.000 injuries 133 are fatal (source: Health and Safety Executive and Workplace Safety Advice). The major part of these accidents could have been prevented when using the proper safety accessories. OrangeParts has a wide collection of safety accessories in stock.


A properly working signal on a forklift is mandatory and one of the basic elements of safety-improvement. Take a look at our wide selection of signals suitable for all known brands of forklift trucks.

Back-up Alarm

A back-up alarm alerts a pedestrian when a forklift is in close proximity. Backup Alarms are suitable for every forklift brand.

Safety Led light

Safety led light increases visibility of forklifts substantially. Especially in dark and loud working environments they help prevent accidents. Blue Spot® Led Lights are the best safety lights out there.

Camera Systems

Forklift camera systems provide the operator with an optimal vision around the forklift truck. OrangeParts delivers different types of camera systems, like:

  • Rear view camera’s,
  • Side view camera’s
  • Fish eye camera’s
  • Front view / fork view camera’s


Keep Out Zone Radar

The Keep Out Zone Radar effectively warns pedestrians to keep a safe distance of the forklift.


OrangeParts panorama and safety mirrors are specially developed for use on a forklift and offer a wide and enhanced field of vision. Increase safety in your warehouse directly by start using an OrangeParts panorama mirror on your forklift truck. All OrangeParts mirror are easily mounted onto every forklift truck.

We supply safety accessories for the following forklift brands: Atlet - BT - Caterpillar – Clark - Crown - Daewoo – Hyster - Jungheinrich – Kalmar – Komatsu – Linde – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Still – Toyota – TCM - Yale.More: FAQ Safety forklift