Blue Spot Safety

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The Blue Spot Led Light , also known as Blue Safety Led Light, SpotMe or BluePoint Led, for your forklift truck increases safety on the warehouse floor in a simple way [See video on YouTube]. The clear blue spot that is projected on to the floor warns the pedestrian on the work floor for the approaching forklift truck. This Blue Safety lamp is best suited for a high-load working environment, but is essential for every storage facility. The blue forklift light is an excellent alternative warning system for the many used BU-alarm systems out there on the market. Increase forklift safety on the work floor today and order the Blue Safety Led Light now!

When is a Blue Spot forklift light essential?

This Blue Safety Led Light is best suited for a loud working environment, a dark storage room, and narrow paths with storage racks. In the end the Blue Safety Led Light is essential for every type of storage room. The Blue Safety light has a dirt and water repelling plastic casing and has powerful blue LEDs and will fit every forklift truck. The blue spot can be activated as soon as the forklift truck reverses or whenever the ignition is turned on. The assembly of the BlueSpot LED light is easy, see video.

We supply different versions of the Blue Spot:

The Blue Spot Light Led can be mounted onto the following forklift brands: Atlet - BT - Caterpillar – Clark - Crown - Daewoo – Hyster - Jungheinrich – Kalmar – Komatsu – Linde – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Still – Toyota – TCM - Yale.