An alternator is a relatively simple engine component, consisting of only a few parts. It is an essential part of the charging system, besides the regulator and the battery. Regardless its simplicity it is crucial to any vehicle’s operation. Problems with a faulty alternator range from slow starting to a dead forklift, reach truck or other vehicles. A quick replacement would solve the problem. In need of a new alternator? one of our sales specialist can help you with that. We supply high quality alternators for forklifts and other (industrial) vehicles. 

The alternator for various sorts of vehicles

A lot of industrial and marine vehicles can be equipped with interchangeable alternators.
OrangeParts supplies a wide range of alternators for various areas of industrial vehicles, like:
- Agriculture & Lawn units
- Marine
- Forklift
- Motorcycle & ATV/UTV
- Outdoor & Power sport units
- Trucks, Bus & Coach

Official WPS-dealer van dynamo's en startmotoren

OrangeParts is an official WPS-Dealer (WAIglobal). All the WAI starters and alternators in our webshop come with a 12 month guarantee.

About WAIglobal

WAIglobal is a leading Parts Manufacturer for the aftermarket. WAIglobal is known for its wide range of aftermarket products, such as:

  • Alternators, starters and their components
  • Voltage regulators, rectifiers, test equipment
  • Ignition distributors
  • Carburettor components
  • And many more products.

WAIglobal, founded in 1978, sells its products in more than 105 countries through an robust distribution network. OrangeParts is proud to be part of that distribution network.

Alternators for various brands of industrial vehicles

Alternators for all kinds of (industrial) vehicles are available in the OrangeParts webshop. We supply starters and alternators for the following brands: Mitsubishi - Mercedes - Delco - DAF - Bosch - Kawasaki - Valeo - Denso - BMW - Yamaha- Bombardier - Honda - Wilson - Toro - John Deere - J&N - Generac - Dixie Electric - Cubcadet - Arrowhead - Suzuki - Hitachi - Harley - Volvo - OMC - Prestolite - Mercmarine


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