Back-up alarm

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A forklift backup alarm, or a BU-alarm, can be installed onto a forklift to alert a pedestrian in close proximity when this particular forklift is in reverse. If installed and working correctly they actually will prevent pedestrian-forklift accidents. No matter how experienced the operator on the forklift one cannot rely exclusively on the operator to sound the horn every time he turns a corner when in reverse. Backup alarms help the operator and pedestrians providing a safer working environment. Looking for a back up alarm that is compatible with a reach truck? Our models are also compatible with reach trucks.

Keep in mind that a forklift backup alarm cannot be used when the ambient sound level in an area is too great or the physical dimension of the work site is too small. In these situations a backup alarm is ineffective and we advise other solutions like the Blue Spot® Led Light or the BlueZone which have proven to make a big difference in warehouse safety by preventing pedestrian-forklift accidents. Actually we advise the to use a Blue Spot Led Light or BlueZone at all times.

We offer backup alarms for the following forklift brands: Atlet - BT - Caterpillar – Clark - Crown - Daewoo – Hyster - Jungheinrich – Kalmar – Komatsu – Linde – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Still – Toyota – TCM - Yale.

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