Brake parts

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Forklift brake parts that form together the braking system are a vital when it comes to one’s safety. A malfunctioning braking system must be dealt with immediately, because it can lead to serious incidents in the warehouse. We advise to check the every different forklift braking part periodically. Take into account to not only check the most obvious braking components but also the smaller braking components such as the brake wheel cylinder. OrangeParts supplies a wide selection of forklift brake parts for all popular forklift brands and models. Besides forklift brake parts we supply other forklift replacement parts

There are two types of braking systems used in forklifts. A disk brake system and a drum brake system. The drum brake system is the more popular braking system. One major disadvantage of a disk brake system is that the moving forklift is put to an almost instant halt. A sudden halt can cause to flip over the load carried by the forklift. A drum brake system has the advantage of braking more progressive in comparison to the disc brake system. In some of the recent models both braking systems are being applied.

Components of the braking system

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