Battery chargers

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When it comes to forklift battery chargers, the charging-time is a essential aspect when buying a battery charger. Especially for the intra-logistics sector. The faster a battery is charged, the better. Read more about what is important when buying the correct charger here.  When buying a new battery charger, you also should look for a new battery connector, because a battery charger comes standard without a battery . Take a look at our wide selection of OrangePower items for forklift trucks

Characteristics of our battery chargers for forklift trucks

  • Our battery chargers are of the highest European quality
  • All Battery chargers are made by ATIB. ATIB offers a complete line of Battery chargers for all popular brands.
  • Large amount of battery chargers available out of stock.
  • Top quality at good prices.
  • Batteries come standard without battery connectors.

We supply battery chargers for the following forklift brands: Atlet - BT - Caterpillar – Clark - Crown - Daewoo – Hyster - Jungheinrich – Kalmar – Komatsu – Linde – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Still – Toyota – TCM - Yale.