Forklift seats

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Choose the right forklift seat and forklift seatbelt! Operator comfort is often underestimated, but actually quite important. It should be considered an essential frame part with regard to ergonomics. Especially when working long hours on a forklift. A quality seat by OrangeParts will make your work more comfortable and enables you to operate the forklift itself better. With a new seat by OrangeParts you will directly notice that you are less tired after a day’s work. It also improves safety in that way. A steady seat is important. We supply ergonomically designed seat to improve your daily work. We offer a range of seats for every budget, such as the GS 12, MSG20, VGF80 or the MSG30. All of our seats come in heavy-duty vinyl or fabric and are well designed and easy to install.

We supply forklift seats and seat belts and other accessories for the following forklift brands: Atlet - BT - Caterpillar – Clark - Crown - Daewoo – Hyster - Jungheinrich – Kalmar – Komatsu – Linde – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Still – Toyota – TCM - Yale.