Blue Zone Radar

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BlueZone Radar - Warns operators with visual signals and a buzzer!

The BlueZone is the most advanced safety system on the market. It actively helps to avoids collisions between industrial vehicles and people or objects. Due to its active detection system the risk of accidents or collisions is being reduced during reverse manoeuvring The BlueZone is automatically turned on when in reverse. This forklift safety system can be installed on several industrial vehicles , such as forklift, trucks, platform trucks and even excavators.

BlueZone Main Features

Detects people and objects behind your lift truck, using a ultrasonic sensor. The perfect complement to the BlueSpot®

  • 10-36V
  • Easy to mount
  • Fast configuration
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A reach of 2m wide and 3,5m long

BlueZone is a proximity warning and detection system and helps to reduce collisions and accidents between people and industrial vehicles. Start to prevent accidents and order the BlueZone online.