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Aerial lift battery. Looking for a reliable power source for your 6-volt and 12-volt aerial lift platform? We supply high quality deep cycle batteries made by U.S. battery which are able to deliver maximum peak performance over longer periods between charges. These reliable batteries are designed to efficiently power the most demanding applications and are able to perform in the most extreme conditions. Never underestimate the importance of the battery as part of the aerial lift part.  Get the most out of your aerial lift and start using batteries made by US Battery. At the OrangeParts webstore various 6-Volts, 8-Volts und 12-Volts so called flooded lead acid batteries are available.

Deep Cycle Batteries made by US Batteries can be used on:

  • AWPs
  • Aerial Work Platformss
  • Golf carts
  • Scissorlifts
  • Electric vehicles
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