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The main function of a forklift water pump is to get cooling water into the water jackets of the forklift engine. When the cooling water reaches the engine it is supposed to take in any additional heat from the engine or cylinder. Essentially a forklift waterpump is necessary to prevent the engine from getting overheated. A right operating temperature of the forklift engine increases its overall operating life time. A water pump water hose, radiator and a radiator waterhose are needed to work together to cool your forklift engine (parts) properly.

Water pumps for all makes and models of forklift trucks

At OrangeParts we supply water pumps for all makes and models of popular forklift brands. Need a new water pump for your forklift? Contact on of our specialist at OrangeParts. They will help you find the right water pump for your forklift or reach truck.

Signs that your forklift water pump is about to die

  • Leakage of coolant (check periodically) is a sign your water pump is being damaged.
  • More noise production when in operation

Should the above mentioned signs be noticed, is is to be advised to look for a new waterpump at OrangeParts webstore. 

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